domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011

To You with love.

I come home at the middle of the night, pictures of you all over my mind, I can't help it but cry. And yes, I'm not afraid of cry once in a while, it means I have feelings. but it also means you hurt me, like always. 

What can I do? It's 2:05 am and I keep asking this question. But my options aren't too many like I wish they were. Some might hurt and some might give me strength to move on. I laugh at this thought.

Move on? C'mmon. Even if I wanted to, we both know I can't. But it's all your fault,you came into my life and made yourself essential and necessary. Now everytime I wake up you are here with me, in my head but you are. That's good  normal,isn't it? 

Yeah,sure. I run to my bedroom, my mother not even noticing me, my cheeks bright red, I throw myself at the bed, crying and screaming at my pillow. My only friend recently. The one I know will never tell a soul about me. The one who won't say how many times I cried, how many times I think about you. 

"Please,go away" I say. 

"Melody, please just listen to me. Babe,you know how I feel about you" His angelic voice sounds in my bedroom. I laugh against the pillow. Please, I'm not that stupid to believe that. 

"Where is she? I thought she would be hanging on your arm all the time" My eyes describe all the angry,sadness,jealousy and even some of desire. 

Fuck myself. I fell in love. 

And I fell hard. 

I feel a body lay next to me,an arm wraps around me. I move but there he goes again,whispering in my ear "Mel,please. Don't be like that. We were just messing around...
I love you"

Those words...

My Biggest Weakness.

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  1. Wey, tienes premios en mi blog ^^
    Te loveo, loca